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Outdoor signage is the #1 attractant of new customers and clients! So arm yourself with attractive, impactful brand building and promotional outdoor signage custom created by your local Detroit sign company, Salient Sign Studio!

Custom storefront canopy signsWhatever your outdoor signage needs, we have you covered! Salient Sign Studio designs, manufactures, and installs any type of exterior signs you may need, including portable signs, yard signs, outdoor banners, storefront signs, window displays, and more. From single signage elements to complete outdoor signage collections, you can be confident that your signage will increase business visibility, customer foot traffic, and improve your bottom line.

We work within your established brand guidelines, utilizing your logos, colors, and fonts throughout all of your signage elements. This creates a consistency that not only reinforces your brand but helps build your business’s professional image. When you’re looking to impress potential customers and excite them about the products and services you provide, Salient Sign Studio is here to help you accomplish your goals.

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Storefront & Building Signs

storefront signs and window film

Choosing the best-branded storefront sign to let your customers know you’re ready to help them, can present a challenge. There are many storefront options available to choose from, and just as many considerations to make, such as style, size, and placement.

As a leading sign manufacturer, we understand the difficulty you face when selecting the signage that best fits your business and brand, that’s why we offer a free sign consultation. Our consultants discuss your location, brand personality, and budget to ensure we tailor our recommendations to your unique business.

Salient Sign Studio is committed to your success, so we take your physical location, competitive business, and how traffic travels in and around your space to determine what signage will best attract the maximum amount of attention and capitalize on missed opportunities so you can continue growing your Detroit business.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

coffee channel letter sign

Channel letters and dimensional letters are a common request for many different industries. These sign options are highly customizable and provide an attractive finish to the facade of your building. Add numbers, letters, symbols, or your logo to your storefront with attention-grabbing channel letters or dimensional letters!

We completely custom make these signs for your brand and business, allowing you to truly display your brand personality. Our team provides expert recommendations at every step of the sign creation process to ensure that you are getting effective signage that works for you!

Dimension letters are perfect for every business type and provide the versatility you need when selecting a sign that reflects your unique business.

Lighted Signs

cohesive storefront signage collection

Not many businesses operate only when it is bright and sunny out. If you’re looking to attract customers regardless of the weather condition or time of day, then lighted signs are a perfect option for your business.

Salient Sign Studio has a vast selection of lighted sign options, including digital displays and message boards, backlit dimensional letters, cabinet signs, and illuminated channel letters. Have you always wanted a neon sign but balked at the cost associated with traditional neon signs? LED signs are the perfect solution as they will mimic the look of neon without the high cost associated with purchasing and maintaining it.

Lighted signs illuminate the way to your business, effectively drawing customers to your doors and are ideal for nightclubs, theatres, convenience stores, retail establishments, comedy clubs, gas stations, and more.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panelSign panels can be crafted from a variety of different materials and in a wide range of ways. Essentially, these solid panels are attached directly to your storefront and can contain as much information as you desire. Extremely versatile, this signage option can be designed with impressive full-color images, making them ideal for any business type.

Whether you’re interested in a sign panel made using acrylic or a metal plate, Salient Sign Studio can help you determine the style and design that fits your business, location, and budget. From elegant door plaques to full storefront panels, we have the perfect solution for any need.

Sign Panels are an extremely popular choice for small businesses, auto repair shops, and other businesses looking for a functional, highly-customizable storefront sign.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

Take your business front entrance to the next level with an impressive monument sign. These large, permanent structures are produced using a durable material that can be etched or fitted with a panel or lettering that displays your business name, address, and other pertinent information.

Salient Sign Studio creates attractive monument signs tailored to your unique location, brand personality, and desires. We can add lighting, a digital message board, or etch, burn or sandblast your monument, and so much more.

Monument signs are often found at the main entrance to resorts, private clubs, manufacturing plants, government buildings, churches, schools, and corporate offices.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Pole Sign

Increase your business visibility and reach a wider audience with high-visibility, impactful pole signs, pylon signs, and tenant signs!

These signs are a popular choice for businesses lacking road frontage, or anyone situated near a major roadway or interstate. With a wide selection of size, height, and display options, these signs are ideal for anyone looking to increase customer traffic.

Pole signs are large, towering signs that draw customers to fast food, gas stations, shopping centers, supermarket, and businesses that are difficult to see from the road.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

hanging exterior storefront signWhether you’re a specialty shop or an automotive dealer, your business needs outdoor signs to increase your visibility and improve customer perception. Salient Sign Studio creates attractive promotional signage to highlight your must-have products or services, brand identification signage to let customers know you exist, and so much more!

From blade signs to real estate signs, yard signs, custom flag signs, A-frame signs, post and panel signs, vinyl window displays, wind signs, and any other commercial signage you could ever dream, Salient Sign Studio has the tools, skills, and experience needed to deliver the impactful outdoor signage you need to continue growing your business.

Looking for cohesive indoor signs? We have you covered! Whatever your need, Salient Sign Studio can’t wait to create it!

Our other exterior signs include:

Don’t see the sign you need? This list is merely a sample of the wide selection of signage options we have available. Call Salient Sign Studio today for a Free Consultation with one of our knowledgeable sign consultants or project managers!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom lighted sign installationSalient Sign Studio is your source for impactful, brand building outdoor signage. As a full-service sign shop, we handle every aspect of your outdoor sign project, including sign design, fabrication, installation, repair, and even maintenance. If you already have some existing signage, we can work from your brand guidelines, or create new guidelines you can use moving forward.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to get impactful business signage. We offer complete design services, creating the right file type in the right size for fast printing on our sign equipment. Our graphic design team assists with designing outdoor banners, real estate signs, storefront signs, lighted exterior signs, and any other sign elements you need.

We do all of our work right here in our Detroit, MI facility. This allows us to make sure that every signage element is created correctly and matches your approved proof, as well as providing any accessories or additional components your signage may need for support or hanging.

Once your signage project is complete, we also offer complete installation services to ensure your outdoor signage is correctly installed and has that professional finish. After all, you can have the most fantastic sign, but if it hangs crooked or continues to short out, then your signage is doing more harm then good. So we take every measure possible to ensure a safe and complete install, to ensure that your signage looks great and stays in place for years to come.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Outdoor Signs Salient Sign Studio Logo 300x80Salient Sign Studio is your trusted partner for attractive, impactful exterior signs and graphics, providing you with the support, guidance, and signage solutions your business needs to continue growing and reach new market success. So when you’re looking for a local Detroit sign company who will be there for you on jobs of all size and scope, look no further than Salient Sign Studio!

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