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Detroit Channel Letters

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Channel letters have won a top spot in the preferences of many business owners, regarding their building signage needs.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

These signs allow for an excellent versatility, and this makes them one of the best solutions to create signs that match the brand identity of a company. We have the experience, tools, and the skills to develop any illuminated sign you may need, three-dimensional or flat, large or small.

Salient Sign Studio is your trustworthy supplier of high-quality signs for your Detroit business, delivering excellent results, and sticking to the agreed deadlines time and again.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignMost business owners asking us to create a storefront sign for them pick channel letters as their first option. These letters are created by joining stripes of cut material to form the desired shape. All these elements are secured to a solid frame or mounted directly to buildings. The channel is usually covered with an acrylic top featuring various degrees of transparency.

This enables us to obtain an entirely customized look, every time, regardless the specifications from our clients. You can use this kind of sign to write down the name of your business or to showcase your logo and your slogan. When it comes to colors, typefaces, sizes, and shapes, the sky is the limit! We can go as far as to hand-forming the signs elements to create unique shapes and symbols. This means you can display just about anything on your sign.

This signage choice is the most popular among Detroit, MI retail stores, factories, schools, churches, gas stations, grocery stores, and office buildings, to name only a few of the businesses and organizations that can take advantage of such visibility for their brand.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignDimensional letters don’t have the empty channel inside. Instead, they’re backlit allowing them to light up after dark. They are also very powerful, as they can come in many shapes and styles. Their thickness may vary from almost flat to a few inches, allowing businesses to control how their sign is going to look. Salient Sign Studio is an excellent purveyor of beautiful dimensional letter signs that match your other branding elements and serve your marketing and communication purposes. These signs work best for restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, theaters, and other entertainment facilities, but also for offices and retail stores.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignYou can make these letter stand out even more by adding some LED lighting to your sign. This will make it visible in any weather, and also during the night. We do more than merely creating your sign; we will also install it for you, and ensure it is safe for electrical components. If needed, we can offer you cleaning services, so that you sign maintains its perfect look all year round. If your business is open during the night, you should consider installing a lighted or backlit sign to help passersby know that you are there for them. Lighted signs are used commonly at nightclubs, restaurants, and many other such facilities become more visible to their potential clients. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also get one for your business, even though you may not be providing night time entertainment.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

It’s our top priority to deliver fast turn times, without the slightest compromise on the quality of our products. Our experienced and dedicated designers and technicians work together for the success of your Detroit signage project. Salient Sign Studio will create your sign on time, and according to your specifications.

Call Salient Sign Studio today at 248-532-0013 for a Free Channel Letters Consultation!